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Rembrandt Painted American Flag Charm Sterling Silver

Rembrandt Painted American Flag Charm Sterling Silver

40,00$ Precio
30,00$Precio de oferta

Show your patriotism and love for your country with our USA Flag Charm. This charm captures the essence of national pride and unity, symbolizing the stars and stripes that represent the United States of America. The intricate design showcases the flag’s iconic elements, reflecting the history, values, and shared experiences of being a part of this great nation. Wear our USA Flag Charm as a tribute to your allegiance and the shared moments of celebration, freedom, and the love of embracing the symbols that embody the American spirit. Let it serve as a reminder of the transformative power of unity and the enduring impact that the American flag has on fostering a sense of identity, belonging, and appreciation for the freedoms we cherish. Also avaliabe in 10Kt, 14kt and gold plated.


  • Solid .925 sterling silver with anti tarnish coating
  • Approximate Dimensions (in.): 0.61 in x 0.70 in (15.42 mm x 17.88 mm)

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