"Hogan's Mermaids" Cutting Board/Serving Tray (Tempered Glass)

"Hogan's Mermaids" Cutting Board/Serving Tray (Tempered Glass)

  • Measures 8 x 10 inches
  • Beautiful original designs based on handrawn art
  • Smoothed edges for comfort and safety
  • Has 4 non-slip feet to keep the cutting board from sliding away while you're cutting
  • The drawing is baked onto the back of the glass to protect the design from getting scratched
  • Product Description

    This cutting board will make an absolutely gorgeous addition to your kitchen! the cutting board design is drawn by an internationally renowned mermaid artist using artistically layered blends of colored pencils. The finished artwork is printed onto a special kind of paper, which is in then baked onto the back of the tempered glass cutting board. This ensures the drawing is resistant to cuts and scratches from cutlery.



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