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Silver Necklace and Rings

Care of Silver Jewelry

We understand that your sterling silver jewelry is important to you. That's why we recommend 3 ways to clean your silver jewelry that will leave leave your pieces looking brand new. 

Diamond Necklace

Warm Water and mild bar of soap

We recommend our safe and effective cleaning method using warm water and a bar of soap. For hard non-porous stones, simply apply warm, soapy water with a soft toothbrush, rinse clean, and gently pat dry. We advise against using liquid soap, which can leave a residue and dull the finish. Never use water to clean porous gemstones.

Jewelry Expert

Polishing Cloth

A polishing cloth is the most effective tool for removing tarnish. The polishing cloth are specially treated to remove tarnish and leave a high polished and lustrous shine. Avoid touching any gemstones.


The perfect accessory at home, in the office or while traveling! Compact and battery* operated this cleaning machine includes everything you need to restore jewelry to its original brilliance. The combination of the motion and the non toxic jewelry cleaner loosens hard to reach dirt and grime. Guaranteed safe for use on all fine jewelry. Includes: (2) packets of concentrated Blitz® Gem & Jewelry Cleaner (Use 1 packet per fill), (1) microfiber jewelry cloth, (2) jewelry baskets, and a brush. *Batteries Not Included.

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