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Annapolis MD Destination Bracelet 3mm

Annapolis MD Destination Bracelet 3mm

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The Annapolis Destination Bracelet, this is the symbolic treasure of Annapolis, Maryland.

Sterling Silver .925 and 14kt gold 3mm

Nearly 300 year of history and tradition has inspired the Annapolis Destination Bracelet, a tribute in precious metals that evokes pride in a "Capital City" status, and a deep maritime heritage. Annapolis could make even the heartiest of landlubbers feel as if they were at the helm of a skipjack, with bay water spraying in this face as he makes his way to windward through a blow... to landfall; with a cold beer and a steaming plate of crabs waiting at the tavern. An "A", forge with a likeness of the Maryland State House, hooks a blue crab and the union of the two represents the "hook" that this time honored city has on the hearts of many. Two three stand line 14 karat gold gold wraps, signifying the Severn and the Bay, are special nautical expressions and ring true to the symbolism of the Annapolis Destination Bracelet. Celebrate this beautiful city and great state... and wear it... with pride!!!