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14k Denny Wong Flip Flop with diamonds Pendant 27MM

14k Denny Wong Flip Flop with diamonds Pendant 27MM

$1,699.00 Regular Price
$1,274.25Sale Price

Introducing the exquisite Denny Wong 14kt Yellow Gold single Flip Flop and diamond pendant. This stunning piece is handcrafted by the renowned jewelry designer Denny Wong, known for his attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. The straps on the flip flop feature bead-set diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance to this charming pendant. The 14kt White Gold chain slides behind the strap of the flip flop, allowing the pendant to delicately dangle from it, however, please note that the chain is not included with the pendant. This unique and beautiful pendant is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection, and will make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the beach or summer fashion. CHAIN IS NOT INCLUDED


Denny Wong Flip Flop / Sandal with diamonds

  • Materials: 14 kt. yellow and white gold
  • Stones: Diamonds
  • Length: approximate 27MM
  • DWT: approximate .12ct
  • Finish: Sandblast